At Carlton Primary School, we are focused on providing children with regular opportunities to engage in and enjoy physical activity. We promote a healthy and active lifestyle for our children and hope to inspire lifelong participation in exercise and sport.

Our aims for PE at Carlton Primary School are:

  • All pupils have the opportunity to display creativity in all areas.
  • All pupils know and use the rules and tactics in a range of sports and games.
  • All pupils have the opportunity to develop their fitness levels and understand the importance of living active and healthy lives.
  • All pupils have the opportunity to collaborate and communicate including making a positive contribution through being part of a team.
  • All pupils develop proficient agility, balance and co-ordination and use appropriately in a range of situations.

Within our PE sessions at Carlton Primary School, we aim to foster and develop a love of sports. We teach the importance of being a good sports person where children show respect to their fellow teammates or competitors so that everyone enjoys fair play.

In order to meet our aims, we follow the GetSet4PE scheme of work which is reviewed annually to ensure we provide an appropriate yet challenging PE curriculum. The activities that are covered across the school have been carefully selected to provide progression in each area of PE. Across school, children revisit fundamental skills (such as dance, gymnastics and fitness) to provide consistency and to ensure children are confident in basic movements that can be applied to sport-specific activities.

We celebrate the success of individuals, teams and the whole class within lessons and encourage the children to give praise and positive feedback to others about their work during PE.

Our class teachers provide active sessions twice a week to enrich the learning opportunities for children, providing them with the chance to exceed expectations and reach their potential. This includes providing opportunity for children to demonstrate their ‘Mastery’ of their PE skills where they are able.