At Carlton Primary School, we aim to equip children to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.

  1. All pupils use the internet safely, protect private information and know what to do when issues arise both at school and home.
  1. All pupils become proficient in computational thinking by breaking down tasks, producing algorithms (sequences) and debugging a process.
  2. All pupils can code using the appropriate language and commands on a variety of devices
  3. All pupils have an understanding of the components and their purpose within a range of hardware devices.
  4. All pupils can use basic collaboration tools and use them safely to communicate with a range of audiences.

Computing has cross-curricular links and can be embedded into many areas of learning. Children will be taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming.

Computing also ensures that pupils at Carlton Primary School will develop the skills to become digitally literate- expressing themselves through Information and communication technology- ready for them to become active participants in the digital world. 

Children learn to use technology purposefully and evaluate and apply skills to solve problems. Children will also be taught how to use technology safely and respectfully in this every changing world.

Our expectations for what should be achieved by the end of each year group are divided into these key areas:

  • Computing systems and networks
  • Algorithms and programming
  • Data and information
  • Creating media

We also use Chromebooks to teach computing skills which will be used throughout the children’s time in school. Year 1 and Year 2 focus on Word Processing, Year 3 and Year 4 focus on PowerPoint and Year 5 and Year 6 focus on Excel.

We also believe that children should be provided with the opportunity to exceed these expectations and demonstrate ‘Mastery’ of these concepts where they are able. At Carlton Primary School, we consider ‘Mastery’ to be the ability to understand internet safety, understand how a range of programs work and use a range of programs to create media content.